Ryder McEntyre


Campus Carrier

News Design + Brand Development

I had the opportunity to redesign the award-winning official Berry College student newspaper during the beginning of my Junior year. It had been quite a while since the last aesthetic update of the newspaper, and it has been a huge labor of love. The best part is? It will only get better as we print each week, and this design will be fresh for years to come. Check out the before & after below!

The aesthetic of the award-winning newspaper had become tired and boring, not to mention ignorant of current design movements. We at the Carrier like to keep the tradition of print journalism alive, and we think our redesign made the paper much more vivacious! 

Like any good redesign, it was a carefully executed process. Below, you can see the 'during' -- one of our first papers featuring the new aesthetic. We had a lot of feedback from the Berry College community and decided to simplify a lot of the styles.